Welcome to Social Media Statistics

A big home for all facts and figures around social media - because I'm fed up of trawling around for them and I'm also sure that I'm not the only one who gets asked 'how many users does Facebook have?' every hour of every day. It's not the snazziest name for a project ever. Oh well.

I'm hoping that this wiki will not only include usage stats, but also behaviour and attitude stats. It's a bit of a skeleton at the moment, with v few of my stats having stated sources, but be patient - and help where you can!

Please add in any juicy stats as you come across them, and do cite your references and link to them where possible.

It's not just about the stats, we also need to measure the effect of these numbers - for all this, head over to MeasurementCamp. It's awesome. It's a big conversation about how we should measure the success of campaigns and how we can show things like ROI, or indeed if we even should!


Helen Lawrence

p.s. blog stats are excluded from this site, otherwise it'll just become a huge mess of lies.

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