Overall Stats

On average each adult with a social networking page or profile has profiles on 1.6 sites, and 39% of adults have profiles on two or more sites.

Half of all current adult social networkers say that they access their profiles at least every other day.

57% have joined a Social Network, making it the number one platform for creating
and sharing content (Universal McCann, 2008)

Estimated 272m users world-wide
• Connecting people globally: emerging markets with high
emigration lead the way – Philippines 83%, Hungary 80%, Poland 77%, Mexico 76%
• UK hit by the Facebook factor – Usage up 32%
• US saturated as growth stalls at 41%
• Brazil has the most active users – 56% manage their profile every day
• Social Networks have evolved into platforms to organise users internet experience. Users are posting a massive variety of content
– 55% uploaded photos
– 21% installed applications
– 23% uploaded video
• Social Networks becoming social utilities for managing
peer to peer relationships
– 74% use them to message friends
(Worldwide, Universal McCann, 2008)

· Only one-tenth of online users are Creators.

Just 10% of online adults in Europe.

19% — of online Europeans are Critics, those who participate in activities such as posting on other people’s blogs or writing product reviews.

Only 9% are Collectors, individuals who enjoy cataloguing and organizing Web content — for example, tagging articles or using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.

· Joiners make up 13%. Joiners are consumers who have taken the first real leap into interaction with

social technologies by joining and participating in the most talked-about type of social technology:

social networks such as Facebook or MySpace. Rather than just observing, these users have taken

the next step into active engagement.

· Spectators are the largest group. More than a third of online Europeans — 40% — are Spectators,

consumers who view and read social media content such as YouTube videos and forums but

don’t contribute. This is the largest single active segment, which suggests that many users start in

just observing social technologies for a while before they begin to actively engage.

Additionally, around half the online population — 53% — is made up of Inactives, who don’t engage with social

technologies in any way.

In the UK, 21% of the online population is made up of Joiners, compared with 13% in Europe as a whole.

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