Domestically, MyYearbook attracts around 10 million visitors a month while Facebook attracts over 35 million and MySpace has close to 70 million. (

myYearbook also makes the claim that it is the third largest social network in the US. (Not quite. It is only a fraction of the size of MySpace or Facebook, and Bebo and imeem also attract more monthly unique visitors. According to comScore, myYearbook had 4.5 million unique visitors in June, versus 5.2 million for Bebo and 6.4 million for imeem). When we last wrote about them, there was speculation that the site may have more high school users than Facebook. This is almost certainly no longer the case. Facebook has seen dramatic growth since that time, with 37.4 million uniques in June, with 10 percent of those between the ages of 12 and 17, says comScore. MyYearbook has a larger percentage of users in that age group (23.8 percent), but less than a third as many total. Still, myYearbook continues to produce impressive stats if you look at Hitwise, with 384% in year-over-year growth. (

Português Brasil = Hospedagem de Sites (Brasil, 2002)
Português Brasil = Hospedagem (Brasil, 2002)
Português Brasil = Servidor Dedicado (Brasil, 2002)

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