August 25th MySpace announced a record breaking month, surpassing 122 million visitors “according to comScore”. That last part of the statement means that the statistics should be questioned. (

300 million accounts
110 million monthly active users
In the UK it is as common to have a MySpace page as it is a dog
14 Billion comments on the site
20 Billion mails on the site total
50 Million mails per day (more than Yahoo, Hotmail,
or Google)
10 Billion friend relationships
1.5 Billion images
8 Million images being uploaded per day
60,000 new videos being upload to MySpaceTV each day
More than 8 million artists and bands on MySpace Music

Myspace is still number one among a broad collection of international networks with a 32% weekly reach. Its position has been maintained by its focus on music and commercial content, rather than connecting friends.
(all the above from Worldwide, Universal McCann, 2008)

Português Brasil = Hospedagem de Sites (Brasil, 2002)
Português Brasil = Hospedagem (Brasil, 2002)
Português Brasil = Servidor Dedicado (Brasil, 2002)

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