26 languages on a mobile service is significant as many competing social networks do not currently offer such a wide offering via mobile. hi5 is one of the top social networks globally but still ranks below Facebook and MySpace. The site is growing quickly though… with over 56 million unique visitors each month according to the release. (http://www.socialtimes.com/2008/08/hi5-launches-mobile-service-in-26-languages/)

Over 50 million unique visitors every month, hi5 is a top 20 website globally and the #1 social network in 25 countries across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The service is available in 24 languages, delivering localized content and applications to users worldwide. (http://www.hi5networks.com/prs/0723080.html)

The world's fastest growing among the top-10 global social networks. Based on the June comScore Media Metrix worldwide figures hi5 grew 79% in the first half of 2008 - more than twice the growth rate of any of the top 10 social networks. According to comScore, the popular site's monthly unique visitors increased from 31.4 million in December 2007 to 56.4 million in June 2008 - an increase of 25 million monthly visitors. (http://www.hi5networks.com/prs/0723080.html)

According to comScore, Facebook and MySpace increased 35% and 10%, respectively, over the same time period. And hi5, with its huge international user base, has nearly 20 million more unique visitors per month than other comparable sites in the social networking category, including Orkut, Bebo, and Friendster. (http://www.hi5networks.com/prs/0723080.html)

Over 80% of its users outside the US. (http://www.hi5networks.com/prs/0723080.html)


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