75 million members worldwide, over 18s only. (

52 million unique visitors worldwide in June 2008 (

9th largest website worldwide for traffic (3rd amongst social networks, serving 22.1 billions pages (

1st in "user engagement" amongst social networks logo designs, an average of 215 minutes per visitor per month, twice that of YouTube's 106 minutes (

In 2007 it gained 30 million registered users and 18 million monthly unique visitors (

Over 100,000 users register for Friendster every day (

The top 15 countries accessing Friendster are: Philippines, Idonesia, Malaysia, The US, Singapore, Canada, India, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, United Arab Emirates, China, Taiwan and Korea. (

Friendster is the number 1 social network in Asia, with over 55 million registered users and 33 million unique monthly visitors from Asia (

In Asia Friendster is almost double the size of any other social network (

CNA certification test = CNA certification test
Português Brasil = Hospedagem (Brasil, 2002)
Português Brasil = Servidor Dedicado (Brasil, 2002)

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